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Water Cooler Dispenser for 3-5 Gallon Bottle wt Compressor and Cooling cabinet


  • Hot and cold
  • Compressor cooling
  • Top loading
  • Cooling Cabinet
  • Uses dispensing levers (like on soda machine)
  • Plastic & metal frame
  • Two options: white body with black accents, Black body silver accent


💦【Enjoy Hot & Cold Water】This water cooler featuring stop heating and cooling switches function. Adopting advanced compressor technology, the water dispenser can always keep water cold in hot summer. It also prepares hot water during winter season and quickly hot beverages in a few minutes, This water cooler featuring stop heating and cooling switches function for energy-saving.

💦【Top Loading Dispenser with Large Capacity】The water cooler loads from the top and allows for easy replacement. And the dispenser holds 5 gallon bottles of water, meeting family or office drinking needs, so as to reduce the cost of constantly purchasing water.

💦【Easy to Use】This water dispenser has a lock on hot water tap . It is designed with mechanical push-in faucets, easy to use for filling your cup. And the control panel with indicator lights gives a clear viewing for choosing which kind of water.

💦【Cooling Cabinet】The bottom of the cooler is equipped with a cooling unit, think of it like an igloo cooler that cools when the cold water switch  is set to on. It is NOT A FRIDGE.

💦【Easy Clean Up and Maintain】The anti-dust mite water barrel seat is detachable, easy to disassemble and clean, ensuring the hygiene of the water for your family. Equipped with a removable drip tray, which can be rinsed clean with gentle soap and warm water.