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In the summer of 2013 Jamaica experienced one of its worst droughts ever, which was a walk in the park compared to our last. I, like most Jamaicans, did not own a tank, so I had to resort to filling a bucket every time I wanted a bath. I would have piped water in the morning but nothing in the night, on what seemed to me was an inconsistent cycle. This is the story of how I would eventually solve this problem for myself and later hundreds of other households across the island.

One day I returned home from work to find my faithful red bucket EMPTY. How could this have happened I asked myself, knowing full well the answer: I rushed out that morning because I was running late and forgot to fill it up. This was going to be a rough night, I normally have challenges falling asleep when I don’t have a shower. As I fought myself to sleep that night I reflected on my first bucket bath almost 25 years ago. It was at my grandparents’ home, in the deep rural St. Mary, a place called Pinnacle, near Highgate. At the time, indoor plumbing was a luxury in those parts and we didn’t have, so every evening you would have to bathe from a bucket within the zinc enclosure we would call “bathroom”. I found it odd in that moment that I had been bathing from a bucket for so long, when there wasn’t any running water, I mean “Its 2013”, there has to be a better way.

The next few days I did my research and I could not find a solution to my problem that did not involve buying a tank system for US$600+, which I didn’t have. It seemed like too much money to spend on a problem that surfaced its ugly head 3 weeks out of the year for me. So I decided to create my own solution. After reading up on pumps, wells and other water systems (mostly youtube) an IDEA emerged, this idea would be materialized 3 weeks later through a prototype created from a variety tubes, fittings and fixtures, which proved that my concept was on point. Needless to say the excitement level was very high, like way up up up.

- Jovan Evans / Inventor Pump-N-Spray


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