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mom2This competition, dubbed the Made of More challenge, featured 14 budding entrepreneurs of the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship (BCoE) competing for a share of US$130,000 in collateral-free, low interest financing, available through a collaboration of the BCoE and Arthur Guinness Project. The competition started in early August (2015) with a first round of assessment. Entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to submit their application for loan amounts up to a maximum of US$40,000 in increments of US$5,000. Of the available funding, US$10,000 was earmarked for the Sir Arthur Social Entrepreneurship Grant, so special consideration was given to entrepreneurs who could demonstrate the social impact of their businesses. AquaFlow were 4th place finishers carrying home a loan of USD$15,000 to accelerate the growth of the company. AquaFlow sells the Pump-N-Spray, an innovative device that allows users to carry out water dependent tasks in the absence of running water like taking a shower and washing hands.
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